Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Plight of Cuban Refugees and U.S. Immigration Law

By M. Ulric Killion

1-5-2012 1-15-15 AM

“Public Law 89-732”, A Short Film project in Los Angeles, CA by Justin Polk

This is an interesting project. The developers of the project intend to present a compelling story about Cuban refugees and U.S. immigration and U.S. immigration law.

The focus of the project is its namesake, which is “Public Law 89-732.” More specifically, “Public Law 89-732” is the (U.S.) Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA), which the U.S. Congress earlier enacted on November 2, 1996.

They also provided a short introductory video, which can be seen at this website:


Photo source: Amazing Cuban Refugee Rafts that Dared the High Seas in Search of Freedom. “The Cuban refugee crisis has been an ongoing issue every since Fidel Castro took control in the 1950's;” The Toplist Beach: Amazing Cuban Refugee Rafts that Dared the High Seas in Search of Freedom, December 5, 2007.

Granted, in the United States, immigration is a controversial subject. This does not, however, take away from the compelling story that the developers intend to present, while exploring this controversial subject.

Additionally, from what I gathered after viewing the introductory video, the developers of this project are not standing on a soap box, if you will understand my meaning. Rather, they seem to intend only to explore the controversy by presenting a compelling story of a specific Cuban refugee and immigration.

In the same vein, I also do not intend to stand on a soap box and dictate the political preferences of those who will read this writing or view the introductory video. I think Abraham Lincoln said it best when he earlier said that even the thinnest pancake has two sides.

With that being said, the introductory video is well worth one’s time.

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See also Rep. David Rivera proposed a bill to withdraw the immigration status of Cuban Americans / Rivera propone sanciones a cubanos que vuelven a la isla


  1. They must think of it before making a move cause it might fail if they don't. Even the US immigration is facing a lot of problem we know that they can solve it all .

    US Immigration.

  2. Indeed, what you say is true because all aspects of immigration are highly sensitive, notwithstanding pending national elections. Nonetheless, I found the project fascinating and wish them the best in this endeavor. Otherwise, thank you for your comment and insights.