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Post-Subprime Crisis: China Banking and GATS Liberalization

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Post-Subprime Crisis: China Banking and GATS Liberalization
M. Ulric Killion
Shanghai International Studies University 更新时间:2009-06-24 摘要:
The Article first presents a brief history or survey of some of the earlier problems that associate with China's banking and financial institutions. The Article then addresses specific problems, in the context of the rules, procedures, and practices of the banking and finance sector, which widely range from non-performing loans, to China's money market and interbank lending business. These problems also directly associate with the liberalization of the banking and finance sector of the economy, and the requirements of both the WTO rules and China's WTO Protocol on accession. The Article also briefly explores the US sub-prime mortgage crisis and its contagion effect throughout the world, including the Asian region. In the context of China and the subprime crisis, the Article summarizes some of the problems that associate with China banking and financial institutions, by focusing on the policy implications of the history of banking and finance in China, and what this means in terms of both WTO compliance and greater liberalization of banking and financial institutions, especially pursuant to the WTO GATS, as service industries. All of this, eventually, allows for the presentation of certain conclusions concerning China banking and finance in the new era of a global subprime crisis. 点击收拢摘要全文
关键字: China, banking, finance, WTO, GATT, GATS, Subprime-crisis, Interbank-lending
论文类型: 工作论文

M. Ulric Killion: Post-Subprime Crisis: China Banking and GATS Liberalization (2009-06-24) [2009-06-27].CFRN 工作论文, Available at CFRN:

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