Monday, July 6, 2009

China seeks public opinion on draft of new State Secrets Law

In a move toward what is no less than a possible greater transparency in the mainland, China's government has made available to the public its "People's Republic of China State Secrets Law (Revised Draft)" [保守国家秘密法(修订草案)向社会公开征集意见], and is seeking public opinions on the new draft of the State Secrets Law. 

Chinese citizens are instructed that they can log on directly to the National People's Congress Network at and submit their opinions regarding the draft or they can submit their opinions by mail to the following address: NPC Standing Committee (West Xicheng District, Beijing on the 23rd Lane, Postcode: 100805). The cut-off date for submitting opinions is July 31, 2009. 

The text of the public notice reads as follows:

新华网消息 日前,《中华人民共和国保守国家秘密法(修订草案)》在中国人大网全文公布,向社会公开征集意见。

中国人大网的消息说,十一届全国人大常委会第九次会议初次审议了《中华人民共和国保守国家秘密法(修订草案)》。现将《 中华人民共和国保守国家秘密法(修订草案)》及草案说明在中国人大网公布,向社会公开征集意见。社会各界群众可以直接登录中国人大网(提出意见,也可以将意见寄送全国人大常委会法制工作委员会(北京市西城区西交民巷23号,邮编:100805,信封上请注明保守国家秘密法修订草案征集意见)。意见征集截止日期:2009年7月31日。

Source (来源): 保守国家秘密法(修订草案)向社会公开征集意见, 2009年07月01日, 新华网.

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